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The Secrets To Buying Real Estate Starting At $500

Even If You Have No Credit and No Experience

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How to Buy Real Estate
For As Little As $500 with
no credit and no experience


 Properties Purchased For $500

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Using This 200 Year Old Secret
The Elite Have Been Using For Centuries

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I Personally Purchased Over 150 Properties Using These Secrets

George Howard, Financial Moses, has purchased over 150 properties over a 6 year period. He built over a $10,000,000 real estate empire starting with only $300.   


Our Students Purchased Over 3000 Properties Using These Secrets

We have proven our methods to be successful as our students have purchased over 3,000 properties using this 200 year old secret. 


A Total Unique System

We have the highest success rate with by purchasing properties that do not redeem because we have a very unique but successful system. 

Before and After Pictures of One Of My Worst Houses
And We Still Made $100,000.00

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Before Outside

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After Outside

SAM_0133 JPG

Before Inside

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After Inside

In This Training You Will

Learn How 


 You Can Buy Properties With No Credit & Little Money 


You Can Get Guaranteed Double Digit Returns


You Can Retire In 4 Years or Less W/ Passive Income

Our Students Have Purchased
$30,000,000 In Properties

The Majority of our Students Had Little to No Experience In Real Estate However, Over The Last 6 Years They Have Purchased Over 3,000 Properties. 

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Real Properties Purchased With This Secret

The Properties Below Are Just A Handful of Properties Purchased I've Purchased

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Purchased $500

We turned this 2 bedroom 1 bath home into a 4 bedroom 2 bath.  We flipped this house for $100,000. 

New Jersery jpg

Purchased $300

We purchased this 4 bedroom 1 bathroom house with finished basement.  After a $2,000 rehab this house rented for $1,000 a month for 4 years and then sold for $90,000.

West 13 jpg

Purchased $1,500

We purchased this house 3 bed room 2 full bath brick house with a 2 car garage and a tenant. It came with a tenant in it. I did no work to this house before I started collecting rent. 

East 43rd jpg

Purchased $500

We purchased this 3 bedroom 1 bathroom home with a tenant paying $550 a month. I did not work to the house just started collecting rent.   


This program has allowed me to go from homeless to buying over four properties debt free in as little as 2 years.  I am the proud owner of four properties that are worth over $300,000. I went from being homeless to owning over four properties.  

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Levette Ford

 Real Estate Investor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need A License

No, you do not need a realtor license or any other license to do this investment.   

Can You Do This Anywhere

Yes, you can do this in city, state and county in America and Canada.  

 I Don't Want To Be A Landlord

Learn our "Guaranteed Wealth Strategy" where you never be a landlord and get up to 25% ROI. 

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